It's time to Re-invent CCS

Citizens for Common Sense

has for 20 years been a voice in local politics.

About 6 years ago, we expanded into state issues

because they had such a direct impact on our county.

About 4 years ago, we found ourselves in the Tea Party movement

concerned that if our nation did not reduce the size of government to

1)    get financially solvent and 2) stop infringing on our rights

then there wouldn’t be any state or county to worry about.


Today, there are many Tea Party groups in St. Joe and Elkhart counties.

Do we need Citizens for Common Sense anymore?

We believe the answer is Yes, because we have a unique role to play

in balancing state, local, and federal issues and holding Meet the Candidate events.


But if we’re going to do this job, we may need to start meeting regularly – perhaps monthly

and designate people to be in charge of scheduling activities, and

most importantly, volunteers to monitor a) federal, b) state and c) local governments

and report back to the group with action items to discuss.

Spotlight: Burn Bans

At the recent CCS meeting we discussed the concept of a burn ban.  What do you think?


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