We have a Forum!

We are trying to generate some involvement on our forum, which you can access by clicking the “Forum” button along the top of this page, or clicking this link: citizensforcommonsense.info/forum


You will be prompted to login, or need to register.  To register you need to look up to the left where you will see an orange home button, and after it “Help,” “Search,” “Login,” and “Register.” You will need to agree to general forum usage terms; this registration is both so that we know you are a real person and for privacy: no one who is not registered and approved may view what is being discussed and what you are saying.  You can register under an alias: no one needs to know who you are; only the administrator will want to verify you are a real person when you create the account, but this is not viewable publicly on your account.  Feel free to use your real information if you’d like, but be aware that other people in the forum can see public info.

The username is the name for yourself you will use to login to this blog and/or into the forum, you will need to choose one upon registration.  We are working on synching registration between this blog and the forum, but that may not be smooth right off the bat.


The forum is a great place to have continuous discussion of various topics and not get wrapped up in email chains or over-clutter a single blog article: everything is online and viewable and you can pick which discussions or individuals to reply to.  You can send private messages to other members, submit new topics for discussion (depending on the permission settings) and easily keep track of everything.


That said, we haven’t had much activity on our forum before, so if you have comments on our default settings, please let us know!